Our Story

I am a women entrepreneur who has been running her own business for many years, having lived in Europe most of my life, I was running a small women’s boutique selling clothes and Jewelry. After Moving to Canada, I have Started this new venture and I am so excited.

The hardest part of a business is to find products of a quality that will meet the needs of our customers at an affordable price.  Of course, that is the secret sauce every business is trying to solve for, I spend literally 100’s of hours doing my homework, I research products from around the world that I think will meet the desire of my customers, most of whom come through referrals and repeat business.

Once I find something that hits the mark, I try it out myself and share with a few close friends to make sure the products are durable and reliable. Once I am satisfied, I will then start selling the products to my customers knowing I have a good quality product at a price that is affordable.

The reason I created Hard Hit Deals is to create the best possible online deals for quality products that have been through my rigorous vetting process and making them available in the Canadian market.

What is Hard Hit Deals, this is an exciting mix of products that I have enjoyed myself, I started with Hoodies which I love wearing in winter, especially when we are spending allot of time at home, Jewelry of which my husband will tell you is my passion, Scarves, you will always see me wearing one, I have a big collection 😊 especially love unique styles and designs such as our recent collection that are inspired by Pakistani Truck Art.

The novelty mugs, anyone who knows me will tell you we are big on tea, coffee and hot beverages, I personally have a collection of around 20 mugs.  So, as you can see, I started Hard Hit Deals to live out my own passions and hope that others will enjoy them. However, that is not where it ends, I am continuously testing and bringing new products and ideas to my business which I plan to grow.

What we promise;

o We will only sell quality products.

o Free Shipping over $75 throughout Canada

o Products are shipped from Canada

o 24-hour refund policy if you don’t like what you see

Thank you for visiting my page I hope you will enjoy  shopping at HARDHITDEALS